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Emergency Care

Orthodontic emergencies rarely occur. When they do they can usually be resolved quickly and easily.

Poking Wire

  1. Mold at least one half a stick of orthodontic wax to the metal part that is poking. If it doesn't seem to stay in place use a larger piece of wax. You were given wax when your braces were put on your teeth but if you don't have any left it is available at your local drugstore ; just ask for "orthodontic wax or dental wax".
  2. Use a pencil eraser to bend the wire to a more comfortable position.
  3. As a last resort use a fingernail clipper to clip the wire off.

Generalized Soreness

This commonly occurs after braces are applied or adjusted and should resolve within 24 to 48 hours. Eating softer foods should help. If soreness persists an over the counter anti inflammatory drug is recommended.

Loose Braces

This is only considered an emergency if it is causing irritation. Otherwise it will be repaired on your regular visit. If it becomes an irritation refer to "poking wire". Dental professionals can usually deal with these problems as well. Therefore call our office or contact your family dentist.

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